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Many OVA are released : some are the logical continuation of the TV Show, others stage Creamy with other Magical Girls (Gigi, Pelsia...). Here is those we found, in their order of release in Japan. All these OVA are unpublished in France, but some had been translated in Italian (how lucky they are !). We can find them on the web in Japanese for the most, but there are no French or English subtitles. 

1984 : Eien no once more
1985 : Lovely serenade (Musical OVA)
1985 : Long goodbye
1985 : Creamy Mami vs Minky Momo (Exclusive trailer)
1986 : Curtain call (Musical OVA)
1986 : Adesugata mahõ no sannin musume (Participation)
1987 :
Perfect memory (TV spot)
1987 : Majokko club Yoningumi a-kuukan karano alien X (Participation)
2002 : Zutto Kitto Motto (Exclusive video clip)