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Please click on banners to go to websites Studio Pierrot's official website (in Japanese) Akemi Takada's official blog (in Japanese)
Galaxxxy Galaxxxy shop website (in Japanese) Fansclub - System Service (in Japanese) Section of the Vision8's website dedicated to Creamy Mami and Vision8 items (in Japanese) Website of the manufacturer Quolomo (in Japanese) Section of the Zip Corporation's website dedicated to Creamy Mami and Zip Corporation items (in Japanese)
Angelic Pretty Section of the Angelic Pretty's website dedicated to their Creamy Mami items Seidensha's official blog dedicated to Creamy Mami (in Japanese) Database of figures, goodies and other items (avalaible in different languages) Creamy Mami's page on Wikipedia website (in English) Section of this website is dedicated to anime, OVA and some Creamy's O.S.T. (in French) Website where Creamy manga book has been translated in French and is avalaible to download (in French) Italian website dedicated to Magical Girls (in Italian) Another website dedicated to Magical Girls (in Italian) Again, another italian website dedicated to Magical Girls (in Italian) Japanime : French website about artbooks and cels (in French)
L'antre de la Fangirl L'antre de la Fangirl : website about manga, anime and video games (in French)

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