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Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel (魔法の天使クリィミーマミ, Mahō no Tenshi Kurīmī Mami) is a magical girl anime series by Studio Pierrot from 1983. It went on to have five OVA adaptions and featured in other Studio Pierrot special presentations. A three volume manga was released during the original TV run, with the story written by Kazunori Itō and art by Yuuko Kitagawa. This was the first of five magical girl anime to be produced by Studio Pierrot, and the first of these to feature the designs of Akemi Takada. In 2005, the web-poll for TV Asahi's top-100 anime of all time saw Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel poll 82nd.

Story :

Yu Morisawa is an ordinary 10-year-old girl, until she sees a spaceship floating in the sky. Carried into the ship, she helps Pino-Pino find the Feather Star. In thanks for her assistance he grants her a magical wand, which allows her to transform into a 16-year old girl, for one year. She is also given two cats from Feather Star, Posi and Nega, who are to watch over her while she has magical powers. While wandering around the city as a teenager, she accidentally ends up on TV and asked to sing, which the magic enables her to do remarkably well. Using the alias of Creamy Mami, she becomes an overnight success, and is soon sought to begin a professional career as an idol under Parthenon Productions. Along the way, she also meets past residents of Feather Star and supernatural beings. In addition, she must fight against Snake Joe, a shady character of the rival LP Productions, who is always trying to steal away her and Megumi-chan, another one of Parthenon Productions' top stars.

Characters :

Yu MorisawaYu Morisawa (森沢優) (voice : Takako Ōta) :
A normal 10-year old girl, Yu harbours a secret crush for her childhood friend Toshio Ōtomo. She receives the ability to transform into a 16-year old girl.

Creamy MamiCreamy Mami (クリィミーマミ) (voice : Takako Ōta) :
When Yu uses her wand, she becomes Creamy Mami. Randomly, she replaces Megumi Ayase to sing on TV. Then she becomes an overnight hit.
PosiPosi (ポジ) (voice : Yuko Mita) :
Posi is one of the two cats from the Feather Star asked to watch over YuMorisawa while she has magical powers. Her name is short for positive. 

NegaNega (ネガ) (voice : Kaneta Kimotsuki) :
Nega is the other of the two cats from the Feather Star asked to watch over Yu Morisawa while she has magical powers. Her name is short for negative.

Megumi AyaseMegumi Ayase (綾瀬めぐみ) (voice : Saeko Shimazu) :
Megumi is a popular idol and the star act of Parthenon Productions. She feels threatened by the newcomer, Creamy Mami, and declares herself to be her rival.

Toshio OtomoToshio Otomo (大伴俊夫) (voice : Yû Mizushima) :
Friend of Yu Morisawa and Midori Kisaragi, he falls in love with Creamy Mami after her first TV appearance. 

Midori KisaragiMidori Kisaragi (如月 みどり) (voice : Masahiro Anzai) :
He's Toshio's friend and he loves Yu.

Natsume MorisawaNatsume Morisawa (森沢なつめ) (voice : Mika Doi) :
Mother of Yu, she used to be the leader of a motorcycle gang. Now, she own with her husband Creamy Crepe making crepes.

Tetsuo MorisawaTetsuo Morisawa (森沢哲夫) (voice : Akira Murakami) :
Husband of Natsume, father of Yu, he works in Creamy with his wife. He used to be a member of Natsume's motorcycle gang.

Shingo TachibanaShingo Tachibana (立花慎悟) (voice : Kazuhiko Inoue) :
President of Parthenon Productions, he quickly recognises Creamy Mami as future sensation, and tries to make her into a star.

Kidokoro HayatoKidokoro Hayato
 (木所マネージャー) (voice : Sukekiyo Kameyama) :
He's Megumi's manager. He became the manager of Creamy Mami, when she joined Parthenon Productions.

Pino PinoPino Pino (ピノピノ) (voice : Seiko Nakano) :
An alien being, Pino Pino grants Yu Morisawa magical powers for one year in thanks for helping him find the Feather Star.

Technical details :

- Japanese anime
Type : Magical girl
Directed by :
Osamu Kobayashi, Tomomichi Mochizuki
Studio :
Studio Pierrot
Illustrated by :
Akemi Takada
Soundtrack :
Kôji Makaino
Network :
Nippon television
Original run :
July 1st, 1983 - June 29th, 1984
Episodes :

- Manga
Type :
Written by :
Ito Kazunori
Illustrated by :
Yûko Kitagawa
Published by :
Release :
Volumes :

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