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Eien no once more

This OVA is divided into 2 parts of 45 minutes. The first half is a summary of the TV series (52 episodes), while the second is the direct result of the last episode. Creamy disappeared, leaving her fans and her producer. Posi and Nega are gone on board of the Ark, to go to Feather Star, with Pino Pino.

The story begins 2 months after the last Creamy's concert. Shingo, the head of Parthenon Production, comes back from Los Angeles with a strange young girl named Ai. He announces the comeback of Creamy Mami for a special private concert.

Quickly, the rumor takes big proportions and madness takes hold of Japan. The absence of Creamy could be explained by her departure to study in an american dance school. Not convinced of her comeback, Megumi inquires among Joe the Snake, who confirms the rumor: Creamy could return for an extraordinary concert. So, she organizes with him a plan to prevent Creamy's comeback.

Yu, who lost her magical powers, suspects Ai to have discovered the Ark of Pino Pino and to have the power to change herself into Creamy. Her suspicions are confirmed when Ai asks her if she has already seen something in the sky... Yu and Toshio, finding Creamy's comeback very suspicious, decide to join Megumi. Regarding Posi and Nega, they lead their own investigation incognito...

Specifications :

Title :
Eien no once more
           魔法の天使クリィミーマミ 永遠のワンスモア
Japanese release : October 28, 1984
Time : 92 min
Directors : Osamu Kobayashi et Tomomi Mochizuki
Screenwriters : Kazunori Itô
Soundtrack : Kôji Makaino
Opening song : Delicate ni sukishite
End song : Beautiful shock