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We list here the Creamy Mami puzzles that we could find, whatever their provenance. These are pretty old puzzles.
Puzzle It may be a First Age puzzle. It's like our puzzles while our childhood, with 15 pieces (well, for this puzzle, we don't know the number of pieces, but it's not huge...). There are other models, but it's difficult to find them on the web.
Puzzle In the same collection, maybe for First Age, there is this other model.
Puzzle One more model.
Puzzle Here is an Italian puzzle, apparently composed by 100 pieces, in a small suitcase (the same as the Italian parlour game).
Puzzle One more Italian puzzle, with 100 pieces too.
Puzzle Stop Motion This puzzle has been released by Bandai, in the 80's. It's a 500 pieces puzzle, and represents an illustration of Akemi Takada, that we can found inside some artbooks. It's part of Stop Motion collection.
Puzzle frame This is a frame, to put Stop Motion puzzles inside. This collection has got different models of different animes. Of course, it's always Bandai who distributes this frame.
Puzzle Stop Motion II In the same collection, here is the puzzle Stop Motion II manufactured by Bandai too. It's also a 500 pieces puzzle and it has been released in 1986.
Puzzle Stop Motion II Puzzle Stop Motion II