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Dinette / Tableware

Here is a collection of items, which may be used to play the dinette, or simply used in everyday life. We didn't find any information about them. Photos are taken from a Creamy magazine, where these items are presented.

Dinette This is a set of tableware in plastic, for kids.

Bowl, mug and glass
Dinette Set of 3 items : 1 bowl, 1 glass and 1 mug. We only have pictures of the bowl, but drawings on the glass and on the mug are identical to those of the bowl.
Dinette Dinette

Cutlery / Chopsticks
Dinette Cutlery, chopsticks and their storage box.


Picnic / Bento
Dinette Set composed by a mug, a Thermos bottle, a lunch box which could contain food (bento) and a set of cutlery and chopsticks.