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Creamy Mami old-style necklace

We present you here a beautiful Creamy Mami necklace (if you are in doubt about it, just trust us : it's really a necklace) ... You can notice how the metal is shiny! ^^

The first time we saw it, we thought it was a joke ... but unfortunately, it's not. Apparently, this is an official item which is sold very expensive in auction websites. We have been especially shocked to see how Creamy seems smart and by the delicacy of her face (perhaps it's only a germanic representation of Creamy, or more simply, the new Gretchen-Creamy). And please, don't ask us who is the baby because until today, it's an unsolved mystery. It seems that the truth is out there ...

Old-style necklace Old-style necklace
Old-style necklace