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Costume accessories

The following accessories are not sold together, but here, they were together because they were released at the same period, and seems to be from the same collection. This are accessories for girls, to disguise themselves into Creamy Mami.

Creamy Mami mask Creamy mask, very well proportioned, especially eyes... In any case, we laughed a lot when we found it on the web !

See other masks on the bottom of this page.
Shoes Creamy mules, with small heels, very tendency in VIP parties...
Purse and wallet This is a set of 3 items : a bag, a small bag and a purse.
Embroidery badges Two embroidery badges that can be sewn on everything : clothes, bags...
Pillow Here is a Creamy pillow, maybe just a pillowcase. We don't know its size, or if there are other visuals...
Pastel Yumi mask After Creamy Mami mask, there is the Pastel Yumi mask. Between both, it's hard to say which is the best made, isn't it? ^^
Pelsia mask And after Creamy Mami and Pastel Yumi masks, it's normal to find the Pelsia mask. One more time, well made, isn't it?