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Wand straps

It's a collection of 4 straps for cellphones. We think they were sold in boxes randomly, as Gashapons. Moreover, there is maybe one more strap, because in this kind of collection, there are always special or hiddenversions. Especially, on the side of the box, we can see another model (instead of the yellow stick wand and which we never found on the web). We think it's a watch...

Edit : It appears they were sold in little bags, like Posi & Nega's straps released later. We don't know what a box really contains, but we think it's several bags. Anyway, we have no further information about Yu's watch, which should be the 4th strap...

Wand strap

Release :

Material : PVC
Size : 6 cm
Original price : ???? yens
Manufacturer : System Service
Wand strap Wand strap
Wand strapWand strapWand strap Wand strap