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Bunny and bear plush - Zip Corporation

Zip Corporation released a collection of useful Creamy goodies (well, maybe useful because we should not be ashamed to use them...). This collection (composed by wallet, makeup bag, handbag, plush, ...) is rather for women (view colors and type of items...). Here we have 4 different satin plushes, representing either a bear or a bunny. Each model exists in 2 colors.

Bunny and bear plushes
Release : 2010/11
Material : Polyester, ABS
Size : 12 cm
Original price : 1.000 yens one
Manufacturer : Zip Corporation

Comments :
- 2 models : bunny and bear
- 2 colors for each model
Bunny plush Bunny plush
Bunny plush Bunny plush