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Creamy, Yu, Posi & Nega plushes - Sega

These ones are the first we found representing Yu Morisawa and Creamy Mami. They were manufactured by Sega, and are particularly... not well made, especially the proportionality of Posi and Nega compared to Yu and Creamy... Anyway, they are funny, even if we would have been afraid if we had hugged them when we were young...

Creamy plushes

Release :

Material : Plush
Size : ?? cm
Original price : ???? yens
Manufacturer : Sega
Creamy plushes Creamy plushes
Creamy plushes

We found these ones from Magical Emi, Pastel Yumi and Pelsia. But we don't know if they are part of the Sega collection as those of Creamy and Yu...
Magical Emi plush Magical Emi plush
Pastel Yumi plush Pastel Yumi plushes
Pelsia plushes