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Front & back mini clear file

Seidensha released another mini clear file. This one is larger than the previous two. Its particularity is that it presents two different illustrations of Creamy Mami and Yu Morisawa: it's a front & back mini clear file. We don't know if it have been also sold, like the two others mini clear files by Seidensha, at the tribute to Creamy Mami concert on April 9, 2011 in Tokyo (a concert following an OST released before: Creamy Mami Official Tribute Album).

Anyway, we didn't find more informations on Seidensha website. We only found this item on Shop Pierrot website.

Front & back mini clear file

Release :

Material : Polypropylene
Size : 205 x 120 mm
Original price : 420 yens
Manufacturer : Seidensha