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Stationery accessories (pens, pencils...)

Having very limited information about these accessories, we decided to put all in one page. Here you'll find pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, a ruler... For some of these items, like pencases, we hesitated to put them into Oldies goodies.

Plastic pencase

Here are informations about this plastic pencase found on Shop Pierrot :

Release : 2011/06
Material : PVC
Size : 168 x 70 mm
Original price : 1.029 yens
Manufacturer : Seidensha

Comments :
- Release planned for 2011/02

Plastic pencase
This ruler would be part of the same collection as one of pencases.
Pen or pencil ? In any case, it could be included in  Oldies goodies section because it looks really old ^^
Here's another pen or pencil ?! The size of the picture doesn't permit to distinguish what it is. In any case, it looks old, too...
Felt-tip pens
A set of felt-tip pens that seems very old...

Some informations about this pen sold by Shop Pierrot :

Release : ????/??
Material : Metal and plastic
Size : 14 cm
Original price : 630 yens
Manufacturer : Pierrot Inc.  
Run'A Pen

Here are informations about an other pen found :

Release : 2007/05
Material : ???
Size : 15 cm
Original price : 609 yens
Manufacturer : Run'A 
Stationery set
On this picture we can see items already mentioned (pencases, pens, ruler...) and others that we haven't found or identified (notebooks, notepads, pens and maybe coloring books...).