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Bottle holder, coolbag & mug - Love Mami

Pierrot Inc. released these three accessories in the collection Love Mami, in order to keep food and drinks cold (or hot), and to be able to drink your coffee calmly when you picnic with friends... To be honest, we find them ugly and useless. More and more items of Creamy Mamy are released, and they are, in our opinion, ridiculous and ugly. At one point, manufacturers should think about stopping the massacre...

Bottle holder
Release : 2011/10/03
Material : Leather
Size : 21 x 8 cm (handle : 2 x 27 cm)
Original price : 1.680 yens
Manufacturer : Pierront Inc.
Release : 2011/10/03
Material : Leather
Size : 22 x 32 x 12 cm for the bag
          3 x 30 cm for handles
Original price : 1.890 yens
Manufacturer : Pierront Inc.
Creamy mug


Material : Ceramic
Size : 86 x 95 mm
Original price : 1.260 yens
Manufacturer : Pierront Inc.