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PC and Netbook

A Creamy Mami computer and a Creamy Mami Netbook have been released in 2012. They contain 30 wallpapers, voices of characters for system sounds (for example, we can hear the famous magic words in japanese at the Windows' opening: Pali Pam Pum), an exclusive microfiber rag and a beautiful box. The 2 are differenciated by their size, of course, but also by their keyboard's color: black for the PC and white for the Netbook. Preorders were opened until April 9th, 2012 for a release in May 2012. Prices are quite high, but when we love Creamy Mami, it doesn't matter, does it?

Computer and Netbook
Release: 2012/05
Size : 15,6" (PC) / 10,1" (Netbook)
Original price: 248.000 yens (PC)
                             69.800 yens (Netbook)
Manufacturer: Studio Pierrot

- 30 wallpapers
- Microfiber rag
- Voice of characters for sounds

- Intel processor
- 250 Go (PC) / 500 Go (Netbook)
- Windows 7 Home Premium included
- PC with DVD / Blu-ray player
- PC with full HD screen

Computer and Netbook Computer and Netbook
Computer and Netbook Computer and Netbook
Computer and Netbook