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Compact / Medallion pass case - Mellow Mellow

First, looking for the photos, we didn't immediately understand what it was. But after some translations and cross-checking with informations from other websites (including shop websites), we finally understood! This is a small hook to hang on belt with a spring (very discreet pink) and at the end, there is a pass case in form of Creamy's compact (or medallion). For example, we can put on it a transport card, and if we cannot find it, we just have to pull on the spring and ... It's magic!

Compact pass case - Mellow Mellow
Release : 2011/11
Material : PVC vinyl, metal alloy
Size : 90 mm of diameter
Original price : 1.500 yens
Manufacturer : Mellow Mellow

Compact pass case - Mellow Mellow