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iPhone 5 case - Mellow Mellow

Here is a collection of iPhone 5 cases, all of them released by Mellow Mellow at the same time (that's why we put them in the same page). Some illustrations were replicas of other models, some other were totally new. Too bad, we don't have iPhone...

iPhone 5 case Chimi Mami & Yu - Mellow Mellow iPhone 5 case Chimi Mami - Mellow Mellow
Release : 2013/01
Material : ??
Size : ??
Original price : 1.970 yens
Manufacturer : Mellow Mellow

Comments :
- For iPhone 5
- Sold separately
iPhone 5 case Creamy Mami - Mellow Mellow iPhone 5 case Transformation items - Mellow Mellow