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Garage kit Mersa

We believed during a long time that it was an unofficial kit, because of the generosity of her exaggerated boobs, and because of her ugly face. We called her Creamy Wraith in tribute to the bad ones of the TV Show Stargate Atlantis. For those who don't know this TV show, the Wraith are a kind of vampire aliens who feed the vital energy of humans and look like monsters (it's not very nice for the garage kit, but it's our opinion ^^). You can see for yourself here.

The manufacturer has also released, among others, a Magical Emi garage kit. He has chose simplicity because he has taken exactly the same face as Creamy (and apparently for his other creations). So, Emi was disfigured too...

Garage kit - Mersa
Release : 2007/12
Material : Resin
Size : ?? cm
Original price : ???? yens
Manufacturer : Mersa

Comments :
- Possibility to undress her...
Garage kit - Mersa Garage kit - Mersa
Garage kit - Mersa Garage kit - Mersa