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Garage kit Be-J limited edition

In 2003, Be-j released a collection of limited edition figures of Magical Girls. We don't know exactly which magical girls composed this collection of figures, but we are sure about one thing : Creamy Mami and Magical Emi are part of it (it makes sense, otherwise we don't speak about this collection here ^ ^). It appears that these figures are in resin (we're not sure about that because we never had the chance to see them and informations on the web are rare...), but we don't know if they were available in kit form (to be painted and to be assembled) or already painted and assembled, or both...

Garage kit - Be-J
Release : 2003/??
Material : Resin
Size : ?? cm
Original price : ???? yens
Manufacturer : Be-J

Comments :
- Limited edition
Garage kit - Be-J Creamy Garage kit - Be-J Yû
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