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Creamy on the moon


Set of 2 figures, as always, one pink and one yellow. Creamy is sitting on a crescent moon, like on the credits of the TV show. They are also manufactured by System Service, but they are not a part of the Big Figures collection.

On a crescent moon
Release : 2009/07
Material : PVC
Size : 18 cm
Original price : ???? yens both
Manufacturer : System Service

Comments :
- Micro included
- Crescent moon base

Apparently, during a Wonder Festival (the one of 2009, perhaps), the manufacturer has released 3 others versions : with glitter on the yellow and the pink versions and also a black one with glitter too. However, we never found them anywhere, nor in Japanese online stores, nor in Japanese auctions, nor in other international shops.

On a crescent moon - Special versions