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Creamy Mami: 30th anniversary figure

To celebrate Creamy Mami's 30th anniversary, Pierrot supervised a lot of goodies (like the Chimi ones). This figure is part of this new collection of goodies. It must be released on July, 2013 by CM's Corporation. Hope they won't cancel this one like the other ones by System Service. Although, we think CM's took parts of Big Figures molds: we can see that Creamy has the same position as Yu in the Big Figures part 3 and part 4!

Creamy Mami 30th anniversary - CM's Corp
Release : 2013/07
Material : PVC
Size : ??
Original price : ??? yens
Manufacturer : CM's Corporation

Comments :
- 30th anniversary ver.

Creamy Mami 30th anniversary - CM's Corp