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Big Figures Part 8 : Final Stage

This Part 8 (or another name, but in any case, a new figure) should be released during October 2011.

A new announcement which came even as the Creamy Bunny (Part 6) was not released yet (April 2011), nor even the Creamy Swimsuit (Part 7), announced for July 2011... They are ahead at System Service !

Anyway, for now, we have only one picture, and it's not very clear. Apparently Creamy should wear a great dress, but we don't know if there will be 2 figures as usual, with 2 different colors. But we'll tell you more when we'll have more informations and also more pictures.

Edit (2011/05/31) : It appears that System Service has canceled the Creamy Swimsuit (Part 7), according to the Japanese website where we had pre-ordered them. We also found a Japanese blog which mentions they have been canceled. Having not found any explanation about that, we don't know if the Part 8 will be maintained or not. To be continued...

Edit 2 (2011/08/11) : Good news about this Part 8 ! We just found the official picture on internet, as well as pre-orders on some japanese website. She was announced for late october 2011, and apparently, there will be only one figure instead of the usual two. The costume will be the one of the end of the TV show, the latest Creamy's suit. For now, we don't have more information, but we already know its price.

Edit 3 (2011/12/22) : 2 months after the date of release, unfortunately, we have no news of this figure. So, it has been canceled as the Creamy Swimsuit (Part 7).

Big figures - Part 8
Release : 2011/10
Material : PVC
Size : 26 cm
Original price : 1.280 yens
Manufacturer : System Service

Comments :
- Final stage costume
- Only one figure

Big figures - Part 8